Meet the Artist

Meet The Artist

Tiffany’s most influential years were spent living in New Orleans.  The city that so enthusiastically embraces its own colorful history and culture taught Tiffany to be unapologetically herself, and this is the central theme in her work.

Inspired by human nature, she paints the figure and captures people in their true essence. Conventions and popular opinions be damned, remaining true to oneself is what matters. She uses bold brush strokes and vivid colors to get her point across. Some imagery may make you uncomfortable, some may be relatable, but that is your mind engaging with the art and revealing your own story to you. 

Tiffany’s goal is to simply capture the moment. She wants to evoke something that is striking and intended to create a visceral reaction. Tame, pretty things are mundane. She scrapes paint and vigorously works through layers to convey that real life is gritty, at times uncomfortable, and to her that has misunderstood significance.